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Stay at Home FAQ

What if I have questions about health concerns related to COVID-19?

Why are we doing this?

What is your legal authority to do this?

How long is the order in place?

Is Gaston County Government closing?

Is there a curfew?

What are essential activities?

What are essential businesses and work?

Are car sales businesses allowed to operate?

Are car washes essential businesses?

Do I need a permit to go to work?

I live in Gaston County but work in a different county. Can I still go to work?

I live outside of Gaston County.  How does this affect me?

CHURCH:  Can religious institutions continue to stream live services?

CHURCH:  Are drive-in services OK?

PARKS & REC:  Am I allowed to go outside to exercise?

PARKS & REC:  What are the requirements for social distancing?

PARKS & REC:  Are parks open?

PARKS & REC:  What about other amusement centers?

Can I visit a loved one in a hospital/nursing home/etc.?

ENFORCEMENT ACTIVITIES:  Can I get arrested for violating this order?

NON-ESSENTIAL BUSINESS AND TRAVEL:  What does this mean for non-essential business?

NON-ESSENTIAL BUSINESS AND TRAVEL:  What are minimum basic operations?


NON-ESSENTIAL BUSINESS AND TRAVEL:  What is considered essential travel?

NON-ESSENTIAL BUSINESS AND TRAVEL:  What do I do if my business is considered non-essential but is requiring me to report to work?

I have a shared custody agreement. Do I continue to follow that?

I'm preparing to move - can we still do that?


Are pet groomers considered essential?

How do I report large gatherings?

Can I get my taxes done?

Can I go boating or fishing?

What is the difference between Gaston County's Order and the State Order?

What if I want to apply for an exemption as an essential business?

How can I get help through the Gaston County CARE Plan?

What are the rules for funerals and weddings?

What guidelines must car dealers follow under the order?