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Tax Office

The Gaston County Tax Department is in the final stages of implementing a new tax software system.  We completed the 2019 county-wide reappraisal project in the new system and we are currently working on the collection and billing modules.  Our goal is to issue 2019 tax bills by September 1. , however, unexpected circumstances may cause a slight delay in the process.  Even so, please remember that the 2019 taxes are still due and payable beginning September 1 and will become past due and subject to interest charges on January 7, 2020.

 We have been able to update the County GIS with more current property data and we have also launched a new site that contains additional property information.  We invite you to visit the Gaston County Property Tax Inquiry site.  Although the site is still a work in progress it already contains detailed property  information for both real and personal property.  In time, the site will expand to include even more useful information so please check it often.

 We ask for your patience while we work to finalize the implementation project and are continually working to make it a better system.  As always, we appreciate your feedback and suggestions.

 We sincerely appologize for any inconvenience the transition to a new system has caused. 



The Gaston County Tax Office is responsible for listing, appraising, and assessing all real estate, personal property, and registered motor vehicles within Gaston County. The Collections Department is responsible for collecting all current and delinquent taxes on this property.  The GIS/Mapping department serves as a clearinghouse and central distributor of geographic information for Gaston County while also maintaining an accurate and current layer of parcels that are situated within our jurisdiction.

There are three departments that are under the Tax Office authority; these are the Assessing Department, Collections Department, and the Tax Mapping/GIS Department. Each department may be accessed by visiting the links on the left side of this page.  In addition, there are other linked topics for more specific items of interest or for specific information that you may need.  We hope that you may find information that is needed regarding property taxes within our website, but please contact our office with any questions or concerns that you may have.