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Tax Office

To accurately and impartially appraise all property in accordance with applicable state laws and to collect all ad valorem taxes.   We strive to be effective, efficient, and courteous to all customers and citizens of Gaston County.

The Gaston County Tax Department is in the final stages of implementing a new tax software system.  We completed the 2019 county-wide reappraisal project in the new system and we are currently working on the collection and billing modules.  

 We invite you to visit the Gaston County Property Tax Inquiry site to view real and personal property data.   In future, the site will expand to include even more useful information, so please check Gaston County Property Tax Inquiry for up to date tax data.

Additional information is available on Community which is an Analytical program that provides information from other sources combined with property tax values to review information by geographic areas within Gaston County.



There are three departments that are under the Tax Office authority; these are the Assessing Department, Collections Department, and the Tax Mapping/GIS Department. Each department may be accessed by visiting the links on the left side of this page.  In addition, there are other linked topics for more specific items of interest or for specific information that you may need.  We hope that you may find information that is needed regarding property taxes within our website, but please contact our office with any questions or concerns that you may have.