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Monthly Calendar

Don't miss a thing at our local Senior Center! To find out what's going on this month, please access the following file(s):

We are having our soft opening of the Senior Center Monday June 15th - this opening is for the programs on the attached calendar ONLY. You MUST call and RESERVE your space for EACH program.
The only people who will be allowed in the center are those reserved for the program currently taking place, this means if your program begins at 2pm, come with enough time to go through the screening process and attend your event. Please, do not come while the earlier events are taking place at 10am & 12pm.
The kitchen, gym and computer rooms will remain CLOSED at this time.
As always, while you are attending these programs that you have preregistered for, we ask that you practice social distancing and proper hygiene.

To read the calendar better, please clikc the link here.

July 2020

chair volleyball

senior fair