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Present Use Value Assessment Program

Present Use Value IconPresent Use Value (PUV) is designed to allow operating farm and forestry properties to operate without the full burden of property taxes. Instead of the qualifying properties being taxed upon the fair market value, the land in actual production will be taxed upon a reduced rate per acre.

  • Agriculture is the production of livestock, crops, and animals.
  • Horticulture is the growing of fruits, vegetables, nursery, or floral production.
  • Forestry is the commercial growing of trees to harvest timber.
Present-Use Value Assessment Requirements     
 Classification   Acreage   Required  Ownership  Income  Sound Management 
Horticulture   5 acre minimum

Owner must have owned the land for at least 4 years, or a qualifying relative.

*In some cases, the 4 year wait can be avoided (continued-use)* 

A minimum of $1,000 average gross income for 3 years prior to the application date.   The highest and best use of the property  
Agriculture   10 acre minimum
Forestry   20 acre minimum  No income needed.  A forestry management plan must be in place by January 1 of the application year

All qualifications must be met accordingly for the classification that is being applied for

A timely application is to be submitted between January 1 and January 31.
Late applications will be accepted for review if the Board of Equalization and Review approves the reason for the late submission.

If accepted into the Present-Use Value Assessment Program, periodic audits will be conducted to ensure requirements are still being met to remain in the program.


Exception to the Ownership Requirement: 

  • If land was assessed at the PUV rate at the time of transfer of ownership, the new owners have sixty (60) days to submit a continued-use application
    • Continued-use application - agrees to continue the production from previous owner and assumes all liability of deferred taxes if property were to be removed from the program

Deferred Taxes

  • If property becomes ineligible or is removed from the PUV program, deferred taxes will become due and payable
  • Basically it’s paying the taxes on the difference of what you should have been paying if property was not in the PUV program for three years back plus interest
    • Calculated by taxing the difference of the fair market value and Present-Use Value for the present year and three (3) prior years plus interest

Present Use Value Assessment Program FAQs