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911 Service Problems Affecting the Southeast United States


State 911 staff are advising us that the issue has been corrected and all 911 systems should be functioning normally.  We did not have any issues in Gaston that we know of, but several counties in NC did have service interruptions. 


The North Carolina State 911 Board has been advised of multiple wireless and wireline telephone carriers having service interruptions in connecting calls to 911 Centers.  The issue is not specific to one carrier or area and is causing disruptions across the southeastern United States.  Anyone who attempts to contact Gaston County 911 for Police, Fire or EMS and cannot get through should call (704) 866-3300.  Anyone attempting to call the Mount Holly Police Department should call (704) 827-4343. 

The State of NC is working with local carriers on the issue but there is no current time table on the issue being resolved. 

No further information is available at this time but questions may be directed to Captain M.K. Shelor at (704) 866-3332