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An Overview for Parents/Guardians and Children

On October 1, 2001, The Child Bicycle Safety Act went into effect as enacted by the North Carolina General Assembly.

Here's what it means to your child:

  1. All children below the age of 16 must wear a protective bicycle helmet that fits well and is fastened securely to the child's head using the straps of the helmet while they are operating a bicycle.
  2. This law also applies to children under the age of 16 who are passengers on bicycles being operated by another person.  (Example:  children riding in seats on the rear of the bicycle.)  This does not apply to tricycles.
  3. This requirement applies to all public roadways, public bicycle paths, or other public maintained right-of-way.

Here's what it means to you as the parent/guardian:

  1. Any parent/guardian found responsible for violation of the child helmet safety law may be ordered to pay a civil fine of up to ten dollars ($10).
  2. In the case of a first conviction of this child helmet safety law, the court may waive the fine upon proof that the responsible person has purchased or obtained an appropriate bicycle helmet.