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Lost and Found

To View Animals AT the Shelter
Whether you’re searching for a lost pet or looking for an animal to adopt, this database is the most up-to-date listing of all the animals being housed at our shelter. As any animal is picked up or dropped off at our shelter, our staff uploads a photo and description of the animals onto this site. Animals will be listed here in the order they have come into the shelter. Try not to narrow your search necessarily by breed for we may list it differently based on characteristics/traits that we see.

Shelter Pets

To View Animals NOT at the Shelter
The lost & found postings are for animals NOT at the shelter. These are listings by citizens for citizens. The following animals were lost or found in the Gaston County area. These pets are not being held at Animal Care and Enforcement, rather they are being kept by the person or persons who found them. If you have any information on any of the pets listed below, please contact using the number(s) provided. If you have lost or found a pet and would like to post information concerning it online, email and include the pet's breed, gender, color and characteristic markings, area lost/found, pet name, contact information, and any other pertinent information concerning the loss. You may include up to two (2) photos (one head and one body shot) of the pet in either JPG, PNG or GIF format. Please attach the photo to your email. Do not embed or send links to online photo galleries. Limit any attachments to a maximum of 10M or the email will be blocked because of file size and not delivered. Allow for at least one business day for the posting to be listed. You will be contacted by reply email when your ad is online.  Ads will remain posted for approximately one month but if needed, may be renewed for up to 6 months.

Note: The date listed beside the animal is the date the information was posted and does not necessarily reflect the date the animal was actually lost or found. If you lost your pet and it was not wearing identification, you must come to the shelter to see if it is there.

Be sure to check the “Found” part of the listings repeatedly!  Many times someone may find a pet and try to locate the owner themselves.  We steer as many people as possible to this part of our site to increase the chances of the pet’s safe and quick return to its owner.

Local newspapers generally offer free lost or found pet ads.  Don’t forget about “Craigslist”, “One Man’s Junk”, “Gaston Free Pets” and other paper & web sites.  Personalize this LOST PET or FOUND PET flyer template with the pet’s information and photo, print and post copies in the area where you lost or found the pet, stores, and in other high-traffic community locations.

Pets can often travel long distances or be transported to other areas by people finding them. If you are looking for a lost/found pet and don't see it listed below, you may also want to check with our surrounding counties:

Charlotte/Mecklenburg  704-336-3786
Lincoln   704-736-8734
Cleveland   704-481-9884
York   803-628-3190

Animal Care and Enforcement staff members review postings often, and try to match these community-based postings with impounded animals.  Due to varying and sometimes critical circumstances, often requiring immediate action however, Animal Care and Enforcement cannot guarantee that a given posting will be accurately matched with an impounded animal. Animal Care and Enforcement does strongly encourage every pet owner to comply with legal responsibilities to display a valid license tag on your pet and otherwise make certain your pet has some kind of unique identification which can aid in efforts to reunite lost pets with their owners. This is the best way to ensure a positive identification and to prevent inaccurate postings.


Pit Bull (5/27/20)
Pit BullPit BullGender:  Male
Color:  Gray and white
Named Blue.   Missing since 5/26/20.
Please contact if found.

Peacock (5/26/20)
PeacockGender:  Male
Age:  Adult
Lost 5/26/20 in area of Old NC 27 Hwy, Mount Holly.  Wings just clipped, but still hopped a 6' fence and took off east bound.  Best not to chase, just notify and I will come with food and a net.
Please contact 704-813-0209 or if found.

Domestic Long Hair Cat (5/26/20)
Domestic Long Hair CatGender:  Female (spayed)
Named Sadie.  Lost 5/17/20 in the Bessemer City area.  She is microchipped.
Please contact if found.

Pit Bull/Boxer Mix (5/26/20)
Pit Bull/Boxer MixGender:  Male
Color/Markings:  All black with white chest;  white tip on tail;  nose is white with pink and black skin showing and a tiny white spot on top of head;  white on paws; one black nail on back paw;  dark amber brown eyes
Size:  Medium
Age:  1 year 7 months
Named Bondi (bond-eye).  Lost in area of Essex Street, Gastonia.   The whites of his eyes sometimes get very red.
If found, please call 540-875-6994.

American Bully (5/26/20)
Pit BullPit BullGender:  Male
Color/Markings:  Fawn & white; white "V" shape from neck to halfway down back; white triangle shape on back left rear; blue triangle shape on tail
Age:  2 years
Named Axle.  Lost 5/18/20 near Forestbrook Shopping Center on Union Road, Gastonia.
Please contact 980-297-1095 or if found.

Belgian Block German Shepherd (5/22/20)
Belgian German ShepherdBelgian German ShepherdGender:  Male
Age:  ~ 2 years
Size:  70 lbs.
Named Prime.
Please contact if found.

Domestic Short Hair Cat (5/21/20)
Domestic Short Hair CatGender:  Male
Color:  Orange male
Named Thomas.  Lost in Belmont near Lake Wylie area.  Had on an orange reflective collar that had “Block” written on it with rabies tag that has “Thomas” on it. 
Please call 704-215-1038 if found.  

Lab Mix (5/21/20)
Gender:  Female (spayed)
Color:  Black w/ white on right back paw
Size:  60 lbs.
Named Raven.  Very small ears, not docked, just small ears.  Microchipped.  Wearing 2 collars, one red collar and silver chain when lost 5/19/20 in West Gastonia area across from old Threads Inc. off Bessemer City Hwy.  $200 CASH REWARD OFFERED.
Please call 704-675-6115 or 704-258-9765 if found.

Domestic Long Hair Cat (5/21/20)
Domestic Long Hair CatDomestic Long Hair CatGender:  Female (spayed)
Color/Markings:  Calico; one black front leg and one orange front leg
Age:  ~ 6 years
Named Little Bit.  She has a tattoo on her belly from when she was spayed. She walks and runs very low to the ground, and tends to be fairly skittish.  Missing for 3 weeks. 
Domestic Short Hair Cat
Domestic Short Hair CatDomestic Short Hair CatGender:  Female (spayed)
Color:  Orange tabby
Age:  ~ 10 years
Named Zoey.  She has a funky walk and tends to waddle due to a previous injury. She is very friendly and will walk right up to people and allow them to pet and hold her. She has an ongoing issue with allergies and may have some bumps/scabs on her front legs and beneath her chin. Missing since 5/14/20.
Both cats are missing from the Cherryville area, specifically towards Vale on HWY 274/Flay Road.
Please contact 704-472-7075 or 704-297-5443 if found.

Husky (5/20/20)
HuskyHuskyGender:  Female (spayed)
Color:  Black and white w/ blue eyes
Named Khaleesi.  Microchipped.  Missing from Old Willis Scholl Rd., Dallas.
Please contact 704-860-8139 if found.

Domestic Short Hair Cat (5/20/20)
Domestic Short Hair CatDomestic Short Hair CatGender:  Male
Color:  Yellow and white striped
Age:  4 years
Named Griffin.  Last seen around Simenole Street in Gastonia.
Please contact if found.

Mixed Breed Dog (5/20/20)
Mixed Breed DogGender:  Male
Named Palomo.  Lost 4/21/19 in area of W. 5th Avenue, Gastonia.
Please contact 980-271-5132 if found.

Mini Australian Shepherd (5/18/20)
Mini Australian ShepherdGender:  Female
Color/Markings:  Tri Color (black, white and brown)
Named Tilly. Missing since 5/16/20 from the Arbors townhomes near Gaston Day School Road.
Please call 540-760-1176 if found.  

Domestic Short Hair Cat (5/18/20)
Domestic Short Hair CatGender:  Male (neutered)
Color/Markings:  Bright orange tabby with gold eyes, stripes are very defined
Size:  Large
Age:  9 years
Named Lucario or Lu.  Lost in area of Blanche Ave., Belmont.  He is somewhat over weight cat and has oversized top fangs.  No chip or tags.
Please contact 704-898-3255 if found.

Domestic Short Hair Cat (5/15/20)
Domestic Short Hair CatDomestic Short Hair CatGender:  Female
Color/Markings:  Dark striped tabby
Named Madison (Maddie).  Missing since 5/14/20 from The Bluffs at Northwoods Apartments off North New Hope Rd.  She is is very timid and an inside cat. She bolted through our patio door and jumped off our 2nd story deck.
Please call 704-810-0387 if found.  

Pit Bull (5/12/20)
Gender:  Male
Color:  Black and white
Size:  60-70 lbs.
Age:  9-10 months
Named Dump.  Was wearing a brown body harness when lost 5/10/20 in the S. Gastonia area at the crossroads of Stagecoach and 321.
Please call 704-968-6642 if found.

Chihuahua (5/11/20)
ChihuahuaGender:  Male
Color:  White and tan
Age:  2
Missing from U.S. Whitewater Center on Hawfield Road.  Was picked up by a couple on 5/9/20.
Please contact 704-242-4497 or if found.

Domestic Short Hair Cat (5/7/20)
Domestic Short Hair CatDomestic Short Hair CatGender:  Male
Color:  Orange with white markings
Named Punkin.  Last seen in King’s Grant, right off Lowell Bethesda Road. 
Please contact 704-830-8182 if found.

Chihuahua Mix (5/6/20)
Chihuahua MixGender:  Female
Color:  Black
Named Princess
Lost in area of Stanley.
Please contact 704-914-6336 if found.

Domestic Short Hair Cat (5/6/20)
Domestic Short Hair CatDomestic Short Hair CatGender:  Male
Color: White with orange markings
Named Stewart.  Last seen on Steven St., right off of Osceola St., Gastonia.
Please contact 704-524-6847 if found.

Bull Terrier (5/5/20)
Bull TerrierGender:  Female (spayed)
Color:  Tan
Named Lavender.  Has spay tattoo and a registered microchip.  Last seen several weeks ago in area of South Marietta Street, Gastonia.  $300 REWARD offered!
Please call/text 803-389-8858 with information. 

Domestic Long Hair Cat
Domestic Short Hair CatDomestic Short Hair CatGender:  Male
He is microchipped.
Please contact if found.

Domestic Long Hair Cat
Domestic Long Hair CatGender:  Male (neutered)
Color:  Black
Age:  7 years
Named Sweetness.  Lost 4/3/19 in Cherryville.  Microchipped. $500 REWARD offered.
Please call 704-819-9124 if found.




Domestic Long Hair Cat (5/26/20)
Domestic Long Hair CatGender:  Female
Color/Markings:  White/black w/ black and white face, white body and black tail
Found in Buckingham / Laurel Lane area of Gastonia.
Please text 704-689-7538 to identify.

Chihuahua (5/22/20)
ChihuahuaChihuahuaGender:  Male (neutered)
Found on Lyons Road close to Southwest Middle School.  No microchip.
Please contact 980 925-2180 to identify.

Dalmatian Mix (5/22/20)
Gender:  Male
Color/Markings:  White with spots; right eye has a black patch over it and nose is shaped like a heart
Age:  ~ 18 months
Found 5/20/20 on Bud Wilson Road.  No microchip.
Please contact 704-460-7827 to identify.

Pit Bull (5/21/20)
Pit MixPit MixGender:  Female
Color:  Black and white 
Found in Forest Pointe subdivision off Union Road in Gastonia.  No collar.
Please call 704-853-9648 to identify.

Husky/Lab/German Shepherd Mix (5/21/20)
Mixed Breed DogMixed Breed DogGender:  Male (intact)
Color:  Tri color with white tip paws and chest
Age:  3-4 years
Black collar no tags.  Ears stay down. Very vocal and playful. Found on Rhyne Rd., Dallas.
Please contact to identify.

Terrier Mix (5/18/20)
Terrier MixGender:  Female
Color:  Black/tan
Found 5/13/20 in area of Upper Stanley/Blacksnake Rd.
Please contact 704-460-3223 to identify.

Mixed Breed Dog (5/18/20)
Gender:  Male (neutered)
Color:  Mostly black with white
Size:  Small
Found 5/15/20 on Shannon Bradley Road in West Gastonia. 
Please text 704-284-4587 to identify. 

Domestic Long Hair Cat (5/15/20)
Domestic Long Hair CatGender:  Male
Color: Black and white
Found on Edgewood Road, Bessemer City.
Please contact 704-530-0838 or 704-577-1475 to identify.

Boxer Mixed (5/11/20)
Boxer MixBoxer MixGender:  Female
Color:  Black with white markings
No collar or tags.  Found 5/9/20 near Summey Knolls.
Please call or text 704-675-3744 or email to identify.

Dachshund/Hound Mix (5/8/20)
Dachshund/Hound MixGender:  Female
Color:  Tan/white with some black
Size:  Small/medium
Found 5/6/20 in Belmont Abbey Courts Apartments.  No chip.
Please contact 518-605-8496 to identify. 

Pomeranian (5/1/20)
PomeranianPomeranianGender:  Male (neutered)
Size:  Small
Found on Belton Avenue in Mount Holly. He is not chipped but is neutered and tattooed. 
Please contact to identify.

Mixed Breed Dog (4/29/20)
Mixed Breed DogColor:  Black with white on chest
Size:  Small
Dog is fluffy.  Found 4/18/20 on Alexis Lucia Road with no collar.   No chip.  Has been checked by East Lincoln Animal Hospital and is doing well. 
Please contact to identify.

Shepherd/Pit Mix (4/28/20)
Shepherd/Pit MixGender:  Male (intact)
Size:  ~ 50 lbs.
Age:  a little under a year
No collar or microchip.  Found 4/27/20 on S. New Hope Rd. in Belmont near the botanical gardens.
Please call 919-455-6797 to identify.