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Demographics or demographic data are the characteristics of a human population. These types of data are used widely in sociology, public policy, and marketing. Commonly used demographics include gender, race, age, income, disabilities, mobility (in terms of travel time to work or number of vehicles available), educational attainment, home ownership, employment status, and even location. Demographic trends describe the changes in demographics in a population over time (for example, the average age of a population may increase or decrease over time). Both distributions and trends of values within a demographic variable are of interest.


Demographic Resource Websites

American Fact Finder
Source for population, housing, economic and geographic data from Census 2000, the 1990 Decennial Census, the 1997 and 2002

Provides US census data and comparisons with neighboring areas by zip code.

Demographic and Health Survey
Provides free data produced by Health surveys, provides a map component also GIS datasets and documentation.

NC One Map
Provides geospatial data for download or to be viewed through the NCOne Map viewer. The information and data provided is Federal, State and Local government data. Click on any of the centers to view their sites.

Demographics - Statistics
For more detailed statistics, click the county, state or municipal name.

   Population       Square Miles        Acreage      
 Gaston County  206,086  364.58  233,332.31
 Municipal  128,193  102.77  65,773.38
 Unincorporated  77,893  261.81  167,558.93
 Municipal Jurisdictions in Gaston County
 Belmont  10,076  10.32  6,607.67
 Bessemer City  5,340  4.74  3,038.28
 Cherryville Township  5,760  5.47  3,506.00
 Cramerton  4,165  3.97  2,545.71
 Dallas  4,488  2.86  1,832.21
 Dellview  13  0.11  71.72 
 Gastonia  71,741  51.69  3,084.76
 High Shoals  696  2.65   1,699.06
 Kings Mountain  1,054  2.14   1,374.29
 Lowell  3,526  2.66  1,706.81
 McAdenville  651  1.44  927.17
 Mount Holly  13,656  9.69  6,201.69
 Ranlo  3,434  1.72  1,106.23
 Spencer Mountain  37  0.54  347.29
 Stanley  3,556  2.69  1,724.42
 Cherryville Township  16,500  65.48  41,910.18
 Crowders Township  15,821  49.29  31,545.65
 Dallas Township  21,436  57.86  37,035.08
 Gastonia Township  85,249  70.90  45,380.25
 Riverbend Township  26,596  58.58  37,496.02
 South Point Township  40,484  62.21  39,818.46
 Neighboring Counties and State Populations
 Cleveland County  98,078  uspopchange
 Lincoln County  78,265
 Mecklenburg County  919,628
 York County  226,073
 North Carolina  9,535,483
 South Carolina  4,625,364
 United States  308,745,538 - As of April 1, 2010  


Demographic – National Data Centers
National Data Centers – A data center (sometimes called datacenter) is a centralized repository, either physical or virtual for the storage, management, and dissemination of data and information organized around a particular body of knowledge or pertaining to a particular business. The following is a list of Data Centers with statistical data on demographics, while some may sound similar each site is unique in the way the data can be provided, searched and geographically presented.

  • American Fact Finder The American Community Survey, Economic Census and Population Estimates Program
  • Fact Finder 2 Providing data and information on the 2010 Census Program
  • Fed Stats Provides easy access to statistics and information produced by more than 100 U.S. Federal Government Agencies
  • Bureau of Economic Analysis Source of U.S. economic statistics including national income, gross domestic products, consumer spending and industry
  • School District Demographics System Provides access to school district demographics and related geographical data for social characteristics and economics of children and school districts

Demographic – State Data Centers

  • NC One Map Provides geospatial data for download or to be viewed through the NC One Map viewer. The information and data provided is Federal, State and Local government data.
  • North Carolina Economic Development A directory of websites with information on site selections, locations for industrial or commercial sites, buildings, offices and retail