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GCaMP (Gaston County area Municipal Planners)

The idea behind GCaMP (Gaston County and Municipal Planners) actually is born from the County’s Comprehensive Plan adopted in November, 2002. The recommended strategy of the Board of Commissioner Plan is the 3 C’s process, which is communication, cooperation, and coordination, and they felt it was important for all the local governmental units to work together and consider growth and land use matters especially adjoining jurisdictional boundaries. From this strategy, County Planning Staff pushed the idea of such a forum for planners at a staff level, and facilitated a meeting with other municipal planners to move forward with the GCaMP Concept. After consideration of several names amongst all planners, GCaMP became the selected group name.

The group has been meeting since 2003, and meets several times a year to discuss emerging land use topics at the local, regional and national level. Generally the meeting has good representation from across the county including county or municipal planners, as well as officials from the school system, health department, and public safety and other agencies. The group is open to all disciplines to join GCaMP as land use matters affect s everyone in the community.

Meetings have been conducted around the County including the county and municipal offices, and  topics/forums have included,  Mixed Use Development, Roads and Transportation, 2010 Census, Big Box Development, development implications at the adjoining border of Gaston and Mecklenburg Counties, Hazard Mitigation, and Health Matters, etc.

The goal of GCaMP is to serve as a support system, share best management practices, share ongoing Planning changes in the respective communities and be an avenue for networking. Although no binding decisions can be made at these meetings, GCaMP Members can hopefully take information learned from a meeting and share it with their elected officials, appointed boards, and management. . This in turn may help the officials make a more informed decision concerning land use matter.

G-Camp Contacts
G-CaMP Meeting Photos September 2019
G-CaMP Meeting Photos May 31, 2013
G-CaMP Meeting Photos November 12, 2010
G-CaMP Meeting Photos March 27, 2009
G-CaMP Proves Successful
NC Turnpike Authority Speaks to G-CaMP

Teraseta Ellerbe 704-866-3909

GLUE (Gaston Land Use Extension) 
County Planners and Municipal Planners work together in geographical cluster to deal with adjacent land user matters.
Contact: Long Range Planning Manager Willie King 704-862-5510