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Current Planning Watershed Management

In accordance with State requirements, Gaston County has adopted Watershed Protection Regulations for the protection of our drinking water. Although local governments may expand Watershed Protection areas within their jurisdiction and adopt property boundaries, roads and other feature to define these watershed areas, the watershed areas have been defined by the NC Department of Environment and Natural Resources, Division of Water Quality (DWQ). By inter-local agreement Gaston County administers its Watershed Protection Regulations for: City of Bessemer City, City of Cherryville, Town of High Shoals, Town of Ranlo and the Town of Stanley. The Watershed Areas are classed as WS-II, WS-III and WS- IV with protected and critical areas. The Cities of Belmont and Mount Holly each have their own respective Watershed Ordinances. Although the Surface Water Supply Watershed Map was adopted in 2007, areas are fixed by the NC Department of Water Quality. Areas of the County that are not under Watershed Protection are governed by the County’s Stormwater Ordinance, administered by Gaston County Natural Resources.

Watershed Ordinance within the UDO - Unified Development Ordinance