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Rezoning Process

Zoning regulations are the rules that determine how parcels of land may be used.  When property owners want to develop or utilize their property with a use that does not conform to the current zoning regulations, they must apply for a change to their zoning classification a Rezoning.

To determine your properties zoning classification click the link to go to the County GIS and search by owner name, address or tax parcel number. 

To facilitate the rezoning process it is recommended that staff meets with the petitioners before submitting an application.

An abbreviated process description for a General Rezoning:

  • Submit a Rezoning Application and payment of Fee Schedule, all applications must be complete before acceptance.
  • Signs are placed announcing the location of the rezoning,
  • Adjacent property owners are notified by letter stating the intent along with a map of the area under consideration and date of the public hearing.
  • Public hearing with Board of Commissioners and Planning Board
  • Planning Board makes recommendation to Board of Commissioners
  • Final decision by Board of Commissioners

See Chapter 5 of the UDO section 5.16.3

Other types of rezonings:

Parallel Conditional Use Districts are established to consider situations where a particular use may be acceptable on a lot or tract of land but the other uses permitted in a general zoning district would not be acceptable. Such rezoning is made contingent upon the property owner meeting fair and reasonable conditions, associated with the issuance of a conditional use permit, that ensure the compatibility of the use with surrounding properties and promote the general welfare of the community.   See Chapter 5 of the UDO section 5.16.4

The Conditional Zoning (CD) District process allows for the establishment of certain uses that, because of their nature or scale, have particular impacts on both the immediate area and the community as a whole. The development of these uses cannot be predetermined or controlled by general district standards. In order to accommodate these uses, this Section establishes the conditional zoning district process.  Every application for the rezoning of property to a CD district requires a site plan. 
Any area rezoned to a CD district shall be in general compliance with the goals, objectives and implementation strategies of the adopted Comprehensive or Land Use Plan and all other plans and regulations officially adopted by the Board of Commissioners.  See Chapter 5 of the UDO section 5.16.5

Text Amendment is an application to amend the Ordinance to add or remove regulations. Any proposed amendment to the text of this Ordinance may be initiated by the governing board, Planning Board, by any owner of a legal or equitable interest in a piece of property located within the geographical boundaries of this Ordinance, by a local government agency, or by any other person in accordance with the procedures set forth herein.  See Chapter 5 of the UDO section 5.17.2

For further information contact:
Sarah Penley
Gaston County Planning and Development Services 
P.O. Box 1578 
120 W. Main Avenue, Suite 217 
Gastonia, NC 28053-1578 
Phone: 704-866-3530