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Maternity Changes

Delivery Care Transfering to CaroMont Women's Health Team of Obstetricians

We are partnering with CaroMont Women's Health team of Obstetricians at CaroMont Regional Medical Center to take care of you when you present to the hospital for any care related to your pregnancy.  This will begin July 1st.  We will continue to provide all of your prenatal care at our three sites and will take care of you after your delivery.

How will this impact my care?
You shouldn’t notice any difference in your routine prenatal care. You will continue to go to appointments at Highland Health Center, Hudson or Summit Midwifery & High Risk Obstetrics.

If you do have a need to go to the hospital or when you are ready for delivery, you will work directly with CaroMont Women’s Health Team of Obstetricians. We will still triage all calls and direct you to the right place.

Why is the change in delivery services happening?
Our providers will no longer work at the hospital after July 1st.  We are phasing out the hospital work so that we can be in line with the model of care offered at all other health departments across the state. This also allows us to focus on your prenatal and postpartum care and continue providing the highest quality care possible.

How will this change my experience at the practice?
Your prenatal care and post-partum care will continue to be provided by our outstanding team of midwives, nurse practitioners and physicians.  This will not change your experience in the office for your routine visits; however, you may not meet the provider who delivers your baby before your delivery date.

Who is going to see me when I come to the office?
Our current team of providers will continue to provide your prenatal and post-partum care in our current locations: Hudson, Summit Midwifery & High Risk, Highland Health Center. 

Who will deliver my baby?
One of CaroMont Women's Health team of Obstetricians or midwives will deliver your baby.  They will have a copy of all of your prenatal information. 

What if I want to see another doctor?
You are welcome to transfer to another practice; the important thing is for you to continue with prenatal care.  Since we are still providing prenatal care, we are not able to refer you to another office, you must call and make this appointment yourself.  

How do I get my medical records?
You will need to sign a release of information to have your records sent to another medical practice.  Remember to always carry your white card with you. 

If you have additional questions related to this change in practice, please call 704-853-5009.  We are excited about this change and opportunity to partner with CaroMont Women's Health team to provide you with an exceptional birth experience and are glad to answer any questions.