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About Us

Our Mission

Enhancing the quality of life of Gaston County by caring for, protecting, and empowering the community to live healthy lives in a healthy environment.

Our Vision
By promoting economic and educational wellbeing, Gaston County is building a foundation for a safe, healthy, and prosperous community.  When in need, our public and private sectors respond with a full complement of accessible and integrated services to help restore and advance self-sufficiency and health.

Our Strategic Planning Priorities
  1. DHHS will advocate for additional mental health resources and their integration with public health services. (Integration of Mental Health Resources)
  2. DHHS will reduce the incidence of childhood obesity. (Childhood Obesity)
  3. DHHS will enhance Children & Family Services to provide children and families with access to prevention, treatment, support, health, and education services to improve family functioning. (Improved Family Functioning)
  4. DHHS will enhance its programs so the elderly have adequate access to medical care and support services. (Senior Livability and Support)