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Our Office

The Historic Preservation Commission has established a "user-friendly" space in the Planning Department on the second floor of the County Administration Building located at 128 W. Main Street, Gastonia. Please visit us to learn about:

  • Location of historic sites on map
  • Notebooks of actual nominations (local and national)
  • Property tax deferrals (50%)
  • Tax credits on rehab work
  • Standards for approved rehab work
  • How to list a site
  • How to "fix" old buildings
  • Downtown vs. Sprawl
  • Things for sale to benefit historic preservation
    • Architectural Heritage Booklet (Art & History Museum in Dallas)
    • Driving Tour Booklet (County Museum and Historic Preservation office)
    • Print of Gastonia High School (Historic Preservation office)
    • Gastonia Coloring Book (Schiele Museum, Historic Preservation office, or Downtown Development office)

Please check with David Williams, Certified Local Government designated staff with the Historic Preservation Office, at 704-866-3473, P.O. Box 1578, Gastonia, NC 28053-1578 or email