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Goals & Objectives

  1. Generate greater interest in history
    1. Promote the reasons behind history preservation: cultural, historical, environmental, and economic.
    2. Consider an 1890’s Club to support the Heritage Village.
  2. Create a county historic preservation plan
    1. Work with the Planning department.
    2. Consider public planning process.
  3. Designate more properties
    1. Update study list.
    2. Review criteria.
    3. Evaluate condition of designation markers.
    4. Consider fees for nomination process.
  4. Update Certificate of Appropriateness (COA) process
    1. Update COA guidelines
    2. Begin fee for COA Applications
  5. Keep web page current
    1. Goals update annually
    2. Year End Report updated annually
  6. Maintain the Heritage Village
    1. Finish work on P.O. Interior
    2. Finish grainery
    3. Address siding issues
    4. Install booklets in each structure
  7. Maintain Revolving Fund
    1. Search for worthy structures
    2. Research rules for use of funding