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Designation Procedures

Required Historic Designation Procedures
(See NCGS 160D-944)

  1. The Gaston County Historic Preservation Commission shall identify an inventory of sites of historical, pre-historical, architectural, and/or cultural significance and shall further identify a Study List for nomination to designate including historic districts as well as individual sites.
  2. The Gaston County HPC shall prepare a nomination including: photographs, maps, deed and boundary identification, historical and architectural justification, and a significance statement.
  3. The nomination shall be forwarded to Archives & History of the Department of Cultural Resources, State Historic Preservation Office (SHPO) for review and comment. If the comment is not received within 30 days, the Gaston County HPC is relieved of any responsibility to consider such comments.
  4. The Gaston County HPC and the governing Board of Commissioners and City Council (if the subject lies within a town limits) shall hold a joint public hearing or separate public hearings on the nomination. Reasonable notice of not more than 20 days, or less than 10 days shall be advertised. All meetings of the commission shall be open to the public in accordance with the N.C. Open Meetings Law, Chapter 143, Article 33C.
  5. Following the public hearings the governing board may adopt the ordinance as proposed, adopt the ordinance with any amendments it deems necessary, or reject the proposed ordinance.
  6. Upon adoption of the ordinance copies will be filed with: (a) the Register of Deeds Office, (b) any city if the subject lies within the zoning jurisdiction of such, and (c) the County Tax Supervisor.
  7. Owners of legally designated historic properties that are subject to property tax may apply for the annual deferral of 50% of the property taxes for as long as the property is designated and retains significance and integrity.
  8. Legally designated properties may not be demolished, materially altered, or removed until 365 days written notice of the owner's proposed action has been given to the Gaston County HPC at a Certificate of Appropriateness hearing. Nothing in the ordinance prevents the ordinary maintenance or repair of any exterior feature that does not involve a change in design, or nothing prevents the alteration of a feature that presents an unsafe condition certified by a building inspector. Please note that the owner must give written consent to design review authority to significant features on the interior and the designation ordinance must specify this authority.
  9.  A suitable historic marker will be presented to the owner of the designated property that can be placed upon the building, or on the property, or on a nearby public right-of-way.
  10. If an owner would like for the HPC to consider designation of their property as a Gaston County Historic Property, the owner may call the Gaston County Planning Department at 704/866-3909 or visit the County Office Building at 128 W. Main St., Gastonia, N. C