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Family Advisory Board

The Gaston County Family Advisory Board (formerly Commission on The Family) was established to: a) Meet with appropriate groups to further the recommendations, findings, & goals of the Quality of Family Task Force; b) Request action plans, timeframes, barriers, etc. from appropriate agencies, groups, & governing/advisory bodies to further the full implementation of the recommendations in the report; c) Report back to the County Commission, at least twice per year; d) Develop an annual Commissioners' Family Recognition event; e) Study, review, and recommend to the Gaston County Board of Commissioners county policies, procedures, ordinances and/or changes to the general statutes, and budget considerations to promote the quality of family; f) Communicate with appropriate County officials, agencies and other groups (Health Department, Department of Social Services, schools, churches, business/Industry) the Board's findings and recommendations..

The Family Advisory Board reviews funding requests and makes recommendations to the Gaston County Board of Commissioners for grant funding allocated by Gaston County annually for non-profit agencies and designated for prevention-based services.