What is the status of my permit request?

Please visit CSS (gastongov.com) for status updates on your permit request. You will receive emails at various stages of the permitting and plan review process to assist with this information as well.

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1. Do I need an architect to draw my plans?
2. If I make changes on my approved plans, do I need to bring them back to plan review?
3. Who do I contact about asbestos or lead paint?
4. Who do I talk to about site grading, soil erosion, water quality, wetlands, stream run-off, etc.?
5. What do I need to get a Building Permit for a new single family dwelling, multi-family dwelling or mobile home?
6. When is a Licensed Contractor required?
7. When is a permit required for a residential accessory/storage building? If a permit is required what all documentation is needed to submit for the building permit?
8. When is a remodeling permit required?
9. Are there any restrictions to the number, size or location of buildings I can place on my property?
10. How do I apply for an Agricultural Exemption?
11. What Building Code(s) is enforced in Gaston County?
12. What's the difference between a modular home and a mobile home?
13. When do I need a permit from the Health Department?
14. What is the status of my permit request?
15. How do I request and/or cancel an inspection?
16. Where can I find information surrounding permit fees?
17. When will I be able to receive power during construction?