How can I expedite a request?

You can send your request using an express overnight service and enclose a self-addressed prepaid express envelope.

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1. What are your hours of operation?
2. Where are you located?
3. What is your mailing address?
4. How can I expedite a request?
5. How do I change the names on my deed?
6. Where do I get the form to file an Assumed Name?
7. How much will it cost to record my Deed, Power of Attorney, etc.?
8. Do you have forms for Power of Attorneys, Deeds, Separation Agreements?
9. Do you take credit or debit cards?
10. Do I need an appointment to take my Notary Oath?
11. How do I contact the Secretary of State office?
12. I have lost my deed, how do I get a copy?
13. What is the cost for a copy of my deed?
14. Can anyone access the information contained in the Register of Deeds office?
15. Can you check for liens on my property?