What is appointment based intake?

Appointment Based intake is a form of managed intake to better serve the community and the animals in our care. With this type of intake process, the citizens that are faced with relinquishment of their pet will have a qualified shelter personnel assist with any pet related concerns and provide rehoming resources for those who do not want to surrender the pet to the shelter. If surrendering is the only option, we will schedule an appointment for intake of the pet.

The owners will be provided with the surrender forms prior to the appointment date for completion. This will decrease the wait time and inconvenience of the lengthy surrender process.

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1. What is appointment based intake?
2. When are the scheduled times of owner surrender appointments?
3. How do I schedule an appointment to surrender my pet?
4. Are there any forms that need to be completed before I surrender my pet?
5. Is there anything else I must bring with me to the surrender appointment?
6. Why do I have to make an appointment to surrender my pet? Can’t I just drop my pet off any time?
7. What if I find a stray animal?
8. What if I need to have my animal humanely euthanized?