How will this rule be enforced?

The best way to enhance enforcement is to inform the public of the new policy by providing adequate signage, public education and communication. Over time, it will become the norm for people to not smoke or use tobacco products in these particular places.

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1. Why did the DHHS Board implement a Tobacco-Free Rule?
2. Why does the Gaston County Tobacco Rule include government grounds and parks in the rule?
3. Why is the DHHS Board addressing smoking and tobacco use?
4. How can you tell people that they aren't allowed to do a legal behavior?
5. I didn't think e-cigarettes/vaping devices had tobacco in them, why are they included?
6. Why does it matter that I smoke outside or use smokeless tobacco products?
7. How will this rule be enforced?
8. Can I smoke in my car?
9. Is there a penalty?