What is the purpose of this team?

Gaston County Department of Health and Human Services (GC DHHS) Health Equity Team will:

  1. Receive specialized training about health equity and CLAS standards.
  2. Assist in collecting, reviewing, assessing and reporting on CLAS-related DHHS Public Health client data to establish a baseline for where our health department stands currently.
  3. Make a plan for how CLAS can be institutionalized within our organization to promote health equity.
  4. Conduct CLAS-related assessments and share results with NC OMHHD and the community.
  5. Identify opportunities to modify policies and practices of our health department to build toward greater equity in our community.

Learn more about our Health Equity Team (PDF).

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1. What is health equity?
2. What is the Health Equity Team?
3. What is the purpose of this team?