What is a Voluntary Agricultural District?

Gaston County farmers who enroll their farms in the Gaston County Voluntary Agricultural District Program agree to keep their lands in agricultural uses for 10 years - in return for protecting farmlands they receive recognition with roadside signs and listing on this GIS website.

What other benefits do farmers receive?

Farmers will not be assessed or required to connect to Gaston County water and/or sewer infrastructure if Gaston County constructs, maintains or possesses such infrastructure in the future. Farmers will also have the right to public hearings in their communities if there are ever land condemnation proceedings against lands in the districts-

How does the web listing benefit both farmers and non-farmers?

Many people use this website as a starting place when considering purchasing property- The Voluntary Ag District listing informs anyone investigating a parcel if that parcel is within ½ mile of a district. This informs potential buyers that slow moving vehicles (tractors), dusts, odors and noises associated with the normal practice of farming may occur near the investigated parcel- The notice should help non-farmers understand potential impacts from neighboring farms and lessen misunderstandings between neighbors.

Who should I contact for more information about Voluntary Agricultural Districts?

Contact Gaston Natural Resources at 704-922-4181.

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