Filing an Assumed Name (DBA Forms)

The Assumed Business Name Act (NCGS § 66-71.x) requires that most types of businesses file with the Register of Deeds in the county where they will operate. The document that puts on record a business name of an individual, partnership, or corporation other than the real name of the owner(s) is referred to as an Assumed Name (also known as Doing Business As or DBA). Forms needed to record an Assumed Name can be acquired by stopping in our office or online. The fee for recording an Assumed Name document is $26

Forms available online:

The Register of Deeds office handles filing for individuals or current sole proprietorships, partnerships, and corporations doing business under an assumed name. For incorporating a new business, including corporations an LLCs, contact the North Carolina Secretary of State office.

Another resource for starting businesses is the Business License Information Office located in the NC Department of Commerce Business Service Center.