What You Should Do When You're Pulled over by the Police

When you observe a police vehicle behind you with its blue lights on, you should:

  1. Pull to the right side of the road at the first safe location.
  2. Do not reach around the interior of your vehicle or make any sudden movements.
  3. Place your hands on the steering wheel.
  4. Remain seated in your vehicle.
  5. Only exit the vehicle if you are asked to do so, by the officer.
  6. If you are stopped at night remember to turn on your interior light.

Things to Remember

  • The officer will advise you why you have been stopped and ask for your license and registration. State law requires you always have these items with you when you operate a motor vehicle.
  • If you have a handgun or any other weapon in your vehicle, it must be plainly visible. Immediately notify the officer and do not reach for the weapon, unless you are told to do so by the officer.
  • You must present your license upon request.
  • You must also exit the vehicle if requested to do so.
  • When you see a police vehicle on the side of the road with its blue lights activated, you are required by law, to slow down, check traffic, and move into another lane away from the officer, if possible.

Officers' Perspective

Each year, police officers are killed or injured throughout the country while performing vehicle stops. There is no such thing as a routine vehicle stop. Officers take vehicle stops very seriously, therefore, it is important that you remember the aforementioned tips when you are stopped by a police officer. Remembering these tips will keep you and the officer safe and make a stressful situation less stressful.