Age Appropriate Toys

Age Birth to 1 Year

Explore with their hands, mouths and eyes. Enjoy textured toys they touch, squeeze and are safe for mouthing. Toys should never be hung or attached to a crib, playpen, stroller, infant seat or around a child's neck with elastic, string or ribbon.

  • Crib gyms
  • Floor activity centers
  • Activity quilts
  • Soft dolls or stuffed animals (with short pile fabric)
  • Teething toys
  • Large, interlocking rings or keys

Age 1 to 3 Years Old

Busy toddlers need toys for physical play. Walking, climbing, pushing and riding fuel their curiosity. Toddlers also possess the physical skills that make it easy for them to play and learn.

  • Soft blocks
  • Push, pull and pop-up toys
  • Pounding, shaping, nesting and stacking toys
  • Puzzles with knobs (whole-object pieces)
  • Cardboard picture books
  • Musical instruments

Age 3 to 5 Years Old

Preschoolers and kindergartners are masters of make-believe. Children this age commonly develop strong attachments to favorite toys. This age group enjoys creating things with their hands.

  • Non-toxic art supplies
  • Pretend toys (e.g. play money, telephone)
  • Lacing and threading sets
  • Simple board games; word and matching games
  • Puzzles with knobs (whole-object pieces)
  • Outdoor toys such as a tricycle with a safety helmet

Age 5 to 9 Years Old

School-age children enjoy play that requires strategy and skill. They like to be challenged with complex games that teach specific skills. They possess the physical skills to enjoy junior versions of adult sporting equipment.

  • Puppets
  • Construction toys
  • Jigsaw puzzles, including three-dimensional puzzles
  • Arts and crafts kits
  • Jump ropes and pogo sticks
  • Miniature dolls and action figures

Age 9 to 14 Years Old

Preteens develop skills, hobbies and life-long interests. Active play finds its expression in team sports.

  • Sports equipment with proper protective gear
  • Handheld electronic games
  • Board games
  • Model science kits
  • Playing cards
  • Advanced construction sets