Business Investment Grant

The Gaston County Board of Commissioners has supported economic development for more than twenty years with an emphasis on tax base development, employer diversification and job creation. The Commission recognizes the need to provide programs and financial support to strengthen and diversify the County's economy, to attract new investment and encourage existing businesses to expand and reinvest in their existing operations.

2022 Small Business Investment Grant (SBIG)

If a new or existing business has made investments in business personal property and/or real property during the 2022 Calendar Year and if those investments increase the net taxable value of the business by at least $10,000 but less than $1,000,000, the Business may qualify for the Small Business Investment Grant. For more detailed information, please select the Small Business Grant Brochure and Application link below. The application for the 2022 grant may be filed anytime between January 3, 2023 and April 17, 2023.

2022 Small Business Grant Brochure (PDF)
2022 Small Business Grant Application Form (PDF)


2023 Small Business Investment Grant

The Board of Commissioners re-authorized the Small Business Investment Grant for 2023 for the investment in business personal property and/or real property made during the 2023 Calendar Year. The application for the 2023 Small Business Investment Grant will be available beginning in January 2024.

Gaston County (Large) Investment Grant

For more information on Large Investment Grants, please reach out to the Gaston County Economic Development Commission.