The purpose of the Gaston County Radiological Emergency Response Plan for the McGuire and Catawba Nuclear Stations is:

  • To meet the United States Nuclear Regulatory Commission Regulation Number 0654 Revision 4, dated July 2003, which requires that local governments develop an emergency response plan for all areas within 10 miles of a fixed nuclear facility. A portion of Gaston County lies within the 10-mile radius of Duke Energy Company's McGuire and Catawba Nuclear Power Stations. View the Nuclear Regulatory Commission Regulation Number 0654 (PDF).
  • To prescribe those actions to be taken by Gaston County and threatened municipalities to protect the general public who may be affected by radiation exposure and environmental contamination resulting from an incident at either the McGuire or Catawba Nuclear Power Stations.
  • To define the roles of the County and local political subdivisions prior to, during, and after the need to evacuate any portion of this County.
  • To provide for the coordination, direction, control, and continuity of governments in Radiological Emergencies and other similar disaster situations.
  • To provide the basis for the preparation of detailed emergency operating procedures and training by the various public and private disaster support agencies within and outside this County.