Quarterly Civilian Employee: Kennel Aide Danya Ortiz

October 2021 to December 2021

Danya is a Kennel Aide at Animal Care and Enforcement (ACE). She switched over from being a teacher to trying something new. Since day one of her hire date, she has been a dependable, dedicated and hard-working employee. She is always there to lend a helping hand and to tackle any tasks set before her. She likes to keep things organized which helps in the daily tasks at the kennel. She contributes new ideas and suggestions to help things in the kennel efficiently.

She also shows that she cares for each animal that comes through the kennel by checking if they are receiving the care they need. She takes time to love on the animals that need extra care. I have seen her take time to tend to a dog that had come into the shelter that was scared and withdrawn. She would take the dog out of the kennel and spend time giving extra attention and love and give treats to him. In return the dog came out of his shell and later was pulled by a rescue.

She has been an exceptional employee and I think I speak for everyone that we are incredibly happy she has become part of our team. She is great with assisting with the public and sets a positive tone through the shelter.

I believe Danya Ortiz is deserving of this award not only because of her commitment to her duties as a Kennel Aide but also for her dedication and love for her job here at ACE and the care and love she gives to each of the animals that are here for a brief time.