Home Security Checklist

  1. Are your wooden doors solid or reinforced?
  2. Are the locks on your outside doors of cylinder type?
  3. Are they of either the deadlocking or jimmy-proof type?
  4. Are your doors' locks protected from attack by breaking out glass or a panel of light wood?
  5. Do you use chain locks or other auxiliary locks on all outside doors?
  6. Do the doors without cylinder locks have a heavy bolt or some similar secure device that can be operated only from inside?
  7. Can all of your doors (basement, porch, French, balcony) be securely locked?
  8. Do your basement doors have locks that allow you to isolate that part of your house?
  9. Are your locks all in good working condition?
  10. Do you know everyone who has a key to your house? (or are there some still in the possession of previous owners or friends?)
  11. Are your window locks properly and securely mounted?
  12. Do you keep your windows locked when they are shut?
  13. Do you use locks that allow you to lock a window that is partly open?
  14. Are you as careful of basement and second floor windows as you are of those on the first floor?
  15. Have you made it more difficult for a burglar by locking up your ladder or similar aids to climbing?
  16. Do you lock your garage door at night?
  17. Do you lock your garage when you are away from home?
  18. Do you have good secure locks on the garage doors and windows?
  19. Do you lock your car and take the keys out even when it is parked in your garage?
  20. Do you stop deliveries or arrange for neighbors to pick up papers, mail and packages?
  21. Do you notify your police department?
  22. Do you leave some shades up so the house doesn't look deserted?
  23. Do you arrange to keep your lawn and garden in shape?
  24. Do you have any light timers or burglar alarms?
  25. Do you plan so that you do not need to "hide" a key under the doormat?
  26. Do you keep cash and other valuables in a bank?
  27. Do you keep a list of all valuable property in two safe places?
  28. Do you have a list of serial numbers of your guns, TV, VCR, lawn mower, etc.?
  29. Do you have a description of other valuable property that does not have a serial number?
  30. Do you have your property marked with your North Carolina Drivers License number?
  31. Do you avoid unnecessary display or publicity or your valuables?
  32. Have you told your family what to do if they discover a burglar breaking in or already in the house?
  33. Have you told your family to leave the house undisturbed and call the police if they discover a burglary has been committed?
  34. Have you photographed and video taped the contents of your home?
  35. Have you trimmed shrubbery back to prevent it from being used as a hiding place?