Economic Services

These programs provide temporary financial and employment services to qualifying adults and children. To find out more information about any of these programs, please call our main number: 704-862-7500.

Child Support Enforcement

Child Support Enforcement establishes legal paternity and court-ordered child support payments for children under the age of 18. Enforcement of existing child support court orders is a service offered also. Our goal is to consistently collect as much Child Support Money as possible. Reach us at:
330 Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. Way
Gastonia, NC 28052
Phone: 704-862-7500
Customer Service: 800-992-9457

For more information, visit:
"What is Child Support" Video (English)
"What is Child Support" Video (Spanish)

Energy Assistance Programs

The Crisis Intervention Program provides limited financial assistance for income-eligible individuals with a heating/cooling-related, life threatening or health-related emergency.

The Low Income Energy Assistance Program provides assistance with heating expenses for income-eligible individuals. Applications for LIEAP begin in December for specified households and open up for everyone January through March. This is a once-a-year payment to be received later in the winter.

Work First Family Assistance

Work First Family Assistance provides short-term financial assistance for income-eligible families (which must include a legal caretaker of a child under the age of 19) who are experiencing an emergency related to keeping or securing employment.

Food & Nutrition Services (SNAP or "Food Stamps")

The Food and Nutrition Services Program provides food assistance for income-eligible individuals. To apply, please visit the NC ePass website.
Supplements Ending (PDF)
Supplements Ending (Multi-Language) (PDF)

Fraud or Overpayment Services examines public assistance cases for possible overpayment or fraud and initiates collection procedures to recoup funds. To report suspected overpayments, please call 704-862-7550.


The Medicaid Program provides help with medical expenses for income-eligible individuals. To apply, please visit the NC ePass or the NC Division of Health Benefits website for more information. Individuals receiving certain Medicaid programs may be eligible for Non-Emergency Medicaid Transportation to medical appointments. Contact 704-862-7500 for more information.

Contact us at to submit verifications requested for your Medicaid review.

Please view “Notice to Class of Proposed Settlement of Franklin v. Kinsley (PDF).” Franklin et al. v. Kinsley, formerly known as Hawkins et al. v. Cohen, is a federal lawsuit filed in 2017. This case was certified by the Court as a class action lawsuit on behalf of N.C. Medicaid beneficiaries.