Other Contacts

Gastonia County Zoning & Building Inspections

  1. Laura Hamilton

    Phone: 704-866-3090

    Please contact Laura for Zoning Services and Land Use Complaints.

  1. Emily King

    Building Services Coordinator
    Phone: 704-866-3081

City of Gastonia

  1. Jason Putnam

    Phone: 704-866-6741

  1. Liz Reyes

    Building Inspections
    Phone: 704-866-6729

City of Kings Mountain

  1. Clint Houser

    Zoning / Building Inspections
    Phone: 704-734-4599

The following municipalities have Zoning Departments but Gaston County handles the Building Inspections.

  1. City of Belmont

  1. City of Bessemer City

  1. City of Cherryville

  1. City of Mount Holly

  1. Town of Cramerton

  1. Town of Dallas

  1. Town of High Shoals

  1. Town of McAdenville

  1. Town of Ranlo

  1. Town of Stanley

Other Departments