Daylite Program

Daylite Reconnect Renew RespiteThe Daylite program is designed for the mature adult who may be experiencing the impacts of memory loss from early dementia, effects of depression, or residual issues from a stroke or a similar condition. Daylite members participate in engaging social programming in a supervised setting.

Member benefits include:

  • Having their own peer group
  • Increased physical movement
  • Sharing a lunchtime with others
  • Supervised time away from home
  • An enhanced quality of life

Caregivers are encouraged to use this respite care to renew their own strength and reconnect with things that are personally refreshing and restorative.

Caregiver benefits include:

  • Reducing daily stress from caregiving
  • Time to be responsible only for yourself
  • Staying well to continue in caregiving role
  • An enhanced quality of life

If not for you, the caregiver, then who will be there for your loved one? Daylite cares for both of you.