Building & Development Services

New Process Effective July 1, 2023

Surveys and Plat Review 

Planners will not start reviewing surveys and plats until all associated fees have been paid. Once a plat is submitted for review through the Citizen Self-Service Portal, the appropriate fees will be added, and an invoice will be generated. Once that invoice is paid, the planner assigned to the case will have ten (10) business days to send out initial comments. A new set of plat review fees was approved with the FY 24 budget. Re-review fees will be added and invoiced as needed. Re-review fees must be paid for the review process to start. 

Fee Name
FY 23
FY 24 (Effective July 1, 2023)
Final Plat Review/Approval$240$240
Plat Re-Review -$90
Pre-Design Conference-$200
Exempt Plat Review/Approval-$150
Exempt Plat Re-Review Fee-

New Processes Effective January 1, 2023

Requiring Foundation Survey Approval Letters

Starting January 1, 2023, a foundation survey approval letter (a copy of the foundation survey itself is not required) will need to be uploaded to the framing inspection requested via the Customer Self-Service Portal. This will apply to the following:

  • New single-family homes
  • New accessory dwelling units or private residential quarters 
  • New commercial structures
  • Additions to the primary foundation 

This new process will apply to projects that apply for a building permit after January 1, 2023. If a project has already started and a building permit has been issued, you are not required to upload a foundation survey approval letter. 

This will apply to all projects whether they are in city limits or not. If a project is within the County's zoning jurisdiction, you will be required to upload a foundation survey on CSS using the link below. 

Link to Apply for Foundation Survey Approval.

Requirements for Signatures on Final Plats

Starting January 1st, the County Review Officers will not sign off on final plats that do not have a wet signature for the surveyor. This process has come out of the training for Review Officers and the NC Secretary of state Land Records office. Gaston County is not an e-record county for plats, so signatures for the surveyor and the review officers cannot be digital. All other signatures do not have criteria.


Our department aims to provide excellent public service every day by creating and regulating policies that encourage planned growth and economic development and ensuring safety of citizens by enforcement of the North Carolina Building Code. 

Services Provided: 

Our department provides the following services for the unincorporated areas of Gaston County and the following municipalities:

Building Inspections:

Belmont, Bessemer City, Cherryville, Cramerton, Delview, Dallas, Gastonia (effective August 28, 2022), High Shoals, Lowell, McAdenville, Mount Holly, Ranlo, Stanley, and Spencer Mountain 

Floodplain Review:  

Belmont, Cherryville, Dallas, High Shoals, Lowel, McAdenville, Stanley, and Spencer Mountain