High Schoolyard Programs

The programs on this page are correlated to Earth and Environmental Science, AP Environmental Science, and NC Wildlife Elective. Customizable programs for those or other courses are available upon request.

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Earth and Environmental Science

Seeing Watersheds

Students will model river systems to illustrate the function of a watershed and apply these concepts to an investigation of the Catawba River Basin. They will discuss human impacts in the Catawba, and learn about water conservation practices.

Science Essential Standards Correlations: EEn.2.3.2, EEn.2.4.1, EEn.2.4.2

Get the Groundwater Picture

Students will deepen their understanding of the movement of groundwater through the lithosphere and its connection to surface water. They will additionally discuss water usage and water quality in their community.

Science Essential Standards Correlations: EEn.2.3.2, EEn.2.4.1, EEn.2.4.2

Sustainable Food Systems

Students will discuss social, environmental, and economic implications of our global and regional food system. They will critique advantages and disadvantages of traditional vs. sustainable agriculture, and learn about the availability of local food in the Greater Charlotte Area.

Science Essential Standards Correlations: EEn.2.8.2

Soil Stewardship

Students will investigate the lithosphere by evaluating soil quality based on soil biodiversity on their school grounds. They will apply soil conservation practices in an urban farm simulation activity, experimenting with different agriculture techniques to evaluate economic and environmental impacts.

Science Essential Standards Correlations: EEn.2.1.3, EEn.2.2.1, EEn.2.6.3, EEn.2.8.2

AP Environmental Science

Lithium Mining in Gaston County

Communities in Gaston County are currently discussing the pros and cons of a proposed lithium mine. Students will investigate this current issue by digging into the unique geology and history of lithium mining in our county. They will discuss the positive and negative environmental impacts of lithium mining, and evaluate the social, political, and economic factors that all influence the decision-making process in local governments.

APES Correlations: Unit 5

NC Wildlife

Beginning Birder

Students will practice identifying birds in their schoolyards by sound and sight. They will learn how to properly use binoculars and other basic tools for beginning birders.


Students will practice identifying common North Carolina mammals using pelts, skulls, and tracks.