Community Health Education


  • Health Education: 704-853-5118
  • Sex Education Workshop for Professionals: 704-862-5360
  • Nutrition Services: 704-853-5100
  • WIC: Special Supplemental Program for Women, Infants, and Children: 704-853-5100

Health Education

Health Education (704-853-5118) keeps a focus on prevention. A team of health educators plan and implement group programs to prevent and mitigate teen pregnancy, obesity, poor nutrition and sedentary lifestyles. These programs work to prevent illness and promote good health in Gaston County by educating the public on how to avoid risks and form healthy habits. Depending on the program, services may be available to individuals, small or large groups. Please call the designated number for more information on any program.

Sex Education Workshop for Professionals

Sex Education Workshop for Professionals (704-862-5360) is designed for professionals who interact with pre-teens or teens. This workshop provides information on puberty, reproductive health, STIs, HIV/AIDS, and teen pregnancy. This workshop will help prepare professionals to use effective, positive communication when answering questions and talking with young people about sexual issues.

Nutrition Services

Nutrition Services (704-853-5100) provide education, assessments, nutrition counseling, and medical nutritional therapy to Health Department clients. When prescribed by a doctor, therapeutic diet counseling is available to children and pediatric patients.

WIC, or the Special Supplemental Program for Women, Infants, and Children

WIC (704-853-5100) provides education and vouchers for nutritious foods to women who are pregnant, have recently delivered babies, are breastfeeding, and for their children up to age 5. WIC also offers education and support to breastfeeding women. Women must meet medical and financial criteria to receive WIC benefits.

WIC Healthy Habits, Healthy FamiliesInterested in applying for WIC? Start your application online.

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  1. Carrie Meier

    Carrie Meier, MPH

    Community Health Education Administrator

  1. Abby Newton

    Abigail Newton, MPH

    Special Projects Manager, Public Health Division