Job Opportunities

At Gaston County, we value innovation, collaboration, and a passion for excellence. We strive to provide a dynamic and empowering work environment where every individual is encouraged to bring their unique skills and perspectives to the table.

We believe that our employees are the backbone of our success, and we aim to build a diverse and inclusive workforce that reflects the vibrant communities we serve. 

We sincerely appreciation your interest in becoming a Gaston County employee! 

Please visit our Employment Opportunities page to view and apply for our most current job openings.

For our internal candidates, please visit our Promotional Job Opportunities page to view and apply for internal job openings.

For assistance in applying to one of our job openings, please email our Human Resources team.

Please Note:

  • For all positions, proof of education is required to be attached to your application, unless otherwise stated. 
  • Gaston County prohibits the employment of relatives by blood or marriage in the same department if one is supervised by the other and hires only United States citizens and aliens authorized to work in the United States.
  • Applicants who are employed are allowed a maximum of three workdays from the date of employment to provide documentation or application for documentation demonstrating U.S. citizenship or authorized alien worker status.
  • All male applicants born in 1960 or after, and who are between the ages of 18 and 25, are required to furnish proof of registration with the Selective Service System within 30 days after the date of employment.
  • Gaston County is an equal opportunity employer.

The Authorization Forms (PDF) are only required for positions at the Police Department, Animal Control, and Telecommunications.