Meeting Details View

When you click the ‘meeting details’ link for a meeting within the calendar list view you see something like this.

Meeting Details View

Instead of viewing a list of meetings, you are now viewing a list of agenda items addressed within one meeting.

At the top of this view, you see the following information.

Meeting Item Details

This is the same information that was visible in the calendar list view table.  In addition, the agenda status and minutes status are shown.  The attachments region will contain files or links related to the meeting that have been added for your convenience by the Clerk’s staff.

Column Information

File #
The agenda item’s file number. Note that this is not the ‘Resolution Number’. The file number exists throughout the life of the agenda item file. Once an agenda item is passed, it gets an ‘Enactment Number’ which is what we have traditionally called a “Resolution Number”. The enactment number can be seen if you view the agenda file’s details. The file number in this column is a link that will take you to detailed information about this agenda item.
The File’s Version.
Agenda #
This is the item’s identifier within the agenda. For example, all consent agenda items would be identified with ‘A’ through ‘AE’ if there were thirty-one items on the consent agenda. Each item would have its own identifier.
This is the type of agenda item file. This usually indicates where the file falls within the agenda. For example, consent agenda items would have a type of ‘Resolution (Consent)’ or ‘Ordinance (Consent)’.
This is the title of the agenda item. It most often details what action the board is taking by passing this agenda item.
This indicates what action was taken. For example, the board ‘approved’, ‘disapproved’ or ‘tabled’ the item.
‘Pass’ or ‘Fail’. For example, a motion to approve could pass or fail.
Action Details
This column contains a link that takes you to detailed information concerning this action. For example, it would show who moved and who seconded the motion. Also, it would show who voted to approve or disapprove this item or who was absent or abstained from the vote.
This column provides a link to the part of the archived meeting video where this agenda item was addressed.

Here is an example of the ‘Action Details’ view for an agenda item.

Action Details