Tabular Views

Much of the data for this application is presented in a tabular format. Most tables within this application have a tool bar that gives you row counts and also gives you tools for manipulating the view of the table.

Table Status & Toolbar

The table status and toolbar are highlighted in yellow.

Table Status and Toolbar

Record Count

The table status and toolbar show you how many records met your search criteria and are being displayed in the table.

Records Count Cell


When the ‘Show’ feature is offered it allows you to control how many records are displayed in the table.

Show Records

Group Control

The Group control lets you group data in a table.  In this case, meetings happening at the same location would be grouped together.

Group Control

Once you choose a grouping method, you will notice another button above the table headings which tells you how items are currently being grouped. Clicking on this button will reverse the order in which items are grouped.

Grouped By Meeting Location

Locations Reverse Sort

You may collapse and expand groups using the angle bracket symbols on the left side of the table.  Here the first group is collapsed.  If the bracket points right, it is collapsed.  If it points down, it is expanded.

Expanding and Collapsing Groups

To end the grouping of items, click the ‘Clear Grouping’ option on the table toolbar.

Clear Grouping


You may sort the contents of the List View table by clicking on any column heading.  Here the ‘Meeting Location’ column has been clicked. Each additional click will reverse the sort.

Sorting by a Column Value

Help Reverse Sort

Click the ‘Clear Sort’ option under the ‘Group’ option of the table tool bar to clear the sort.

Clear Sorting


This toolbar button allows you to export the data displayed in the table to a format that you can download to your local computer or device.

Export Cell

Here the data has been exported to Excel.

Help Data In Excel