Strategic Focus Areas Overview

The FY 2024-2028 Gaston County Strategic Plan is organized into Strategic Focus Areas to promote departmental collaboration and further align strategic goals and objectives.

Community Health, Safety, and Well-Being Icon

Community Health, Safety, and Well-Being

Gaston County residents rely on services provided by the County to keep them safe, ensure access to emergency medical services, support their health, and connect them to other services.

Economic Development and Planned Growth Icon

Economic Development and Planned Growth

As part of a fast-growing and economically vibrant metropolitan region, Gaston County has an opportunity to anticipate and plan for change in ways that maximize benefits of growth for the County's residents and businesses.

Recreational, Cultural, and LIfe-Long Learning Opportunities Icon

Recreational, Cultural, and Life-Long Learning Opportunities

Gaston County boasts a wealth of opportunities for outdoor recreation in parks, along trails, and in the water, for sites of historic and artistic interest, and for personal enrichment, growth, and continuous learning. Preservation and enhancement of these assets create quality of life for residents and maintain the appeal of Gaston County as a great place for people of all ages and for businesses making investment decisions.

Organization-Wide Focus Icon

Organization-Wide Focus

Through the development of the FY24-28 Strategic Plan, common issues were identified that impact departments across all three strategic focus areas. Because of this, the importance of a holistic approach was realized to address issues not limited to any single department and further promote organizational collaboration.

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