Economic Development and Planned Growth

As part of a fast-growing and economically vibrant metropolitan region, Gaston County has an opportunity to anticipate and plan for change in ways that maximize benefits of growth for the County's residents and businesses.

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Economic Development and Planned Growth Dashboard (Coming Soon)

Goal 1 - Ensure services, infrastructure, and programming meet the needs of anticipated growth.

The availability of public services, infrastructure, and sound conservation practices is a vital foundation for maximizing the benefits and addressing the challenges that come with growth and development. The County will continue to work with its municipal, state, and federal partners in planning and investing to support future growth in Gaston County.

Goal 2 - Improve community engagement.

Collaboration among local governments, planning agencies, and business entities is crucial for a coordinated response to growth and economic development. Communicating with the public about opportunities and challenges of planned growth will help the County and its partners to respond in equitable and sustainable ways.

Goal 3 - Grow and diversify the economy in ways that broaden the tax base and provide sustainable employment and economic mobility for residents.

The County will work to attract a variety of new businesses and support the growth of existing businesses. When businesses are successful, they create job opportunities for county residents. By gaining work experience, residents may increase their earning potential.

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