Community Health, Safety, and Well-Being

Gaston County residents rely on services provided by the county to keep them safe, ensure access to emergency medical services, support their health, and connect them to other services.

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Goal 1 - Reduce substance misuse and its impacts in Gaston County.

Gaston County's growing substance misuse problem cannot be solved by any single department or organization. Through collaborative efforts with internal and external partners, Gaston County is committed to fighting substance misuse and its impacts throughout our communities.

Goal 2 - Improve resiliency and sustainability of the emergency services workforce.

Fostering a culture focused on employee well-being is crucial to developing workplace resilience in emergency services. Employee well-being goes beyond just physical well-being and includes support of emotional and financial health, career training and advancement, and encouragement of community engagement.

Goal 3 - Ensure that safety, health, and social services are responsive, equitable, and customer-focused.

Gaston County looks for ways to continuously improve its service delivery. Timeliness of response is a crucial goal for departments delivering safety, health, and social services. By analyzing customer feedback and best practices from other organizations, departments will hone their ability to serve the community with compassion and fairness.

Goal 4 - Improve access to and coordination of services for a diverse community, including the vulnerable and marginalized.

By paying close attention to varying needs within the community, and by continuously communicating with each other about changes in demand for services, County departments can adapt and innovate so that their services are most accessible and best suited to the people they serve.

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