Family Planning and Vasectomy

Family Planning works to increase the number of women having healthy pregnancies, while reducing the number of unintended and unwanted pregnancies in our county.

Patients receive education and counseling designed to help them adopt healthier lifestyles through regular gynecological care, good nutrition and reduction of risk behaviors that cause susceptibility to cancer and sexually transmitted infections.

Read more about our Family Planning Clinic and Issues Affecting Teens and Young Women (PDF).

Family Planning & Birth Control Services for Eligible Adults

Family PlanningThe North Carolina Be Smart Program:

  • Provides family planning and birth control
  • Is free - there is no cost for the services
  • Is voluntary
  • Is confidential

Men and Women can apply who are:

  • U.S. citizens or documented immigrants
  • North Carolina residents who: are not pregnant, are not incarcerated; or have an income at or below 195% of the federal poverty level
  • Not currently on Medicaid
  • Other requirements may apply

The Be Smart Program provides:

  • Family planning initial and yearly exams
  • Follow-up family planning visits
  • Birth control and family planning counseling
  • Pregnancy tests
  • Some types of birth control methods like the pill, the shot and IUDs, as well as vasectomies and tubal ligations
  • Family Planning Lab tests
  • HIV testing
  • Limited screening for sexually transmitted infections
  • Pap tests
  • Help on when or if to have a baby
  • Referrals

For More Information

For more information about the Be Smart Program call 704-853-5009.

The goal of the Voluntary Sterilization program is to assist patients who wish to permanently end their ability to father children.

Before making a final decision, patients are provided extensive education and counseling to help them understand the permanent nature of sterilization, and the different methods of fertility control offered through the Health Department.

For an appointment, call 704-853-5009.