Breast & Cervical Cancer Control Program

The Breast and Cervical Cancer Control Program 704-853-5009 offers breast exams, mammograms and pap smears to detect breast and cervical cancer among qualifying women. To qualify, women must meet the following criteria:

  • 50 to 64 years of age

  • Do not have Medicaid or Medicare

  • Note: Services are also offered to women with health insurance, but the program will only pay for services after the insurance company has denied payment

BCCCP staff also help women apply for Breast and Cervical Medicaid, which helps women who have been diagnosed with breast or cervical cancer with their medical costs. The Health Department's BCCCP program is the only way for Gaston County women to access this special Medicaid program. Your doctor can refer you into this program, even if you are not a Health Department patient. Please call 704-833-1550 for more information.

The BCCCP program is housed at the Highland Health Center.