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  1. Clinic at the Health Department
  2. Highland Health Center
  3. Summit Midwifery & High-Risk Obstetrics

Maternity Clinic at the Health Department

Public Health991 W Hudson Boulevard
Gastonia, NC 28052

Monday through Friday
8 am to 5 pm

The Maternity Clinic at the Health Department, or "Hudson", as the staff calls it, provides routine maternity care for low-risk pregnant patients Monday through Friday. You will receive excellent care from a certified nurse midwife or certified nurse practitioner during your visit. In addition, after your delivery, Hudson is able to complete your post-partum exam after your delivery, provide family planning exams and birth control services until you are ready for your next pregnancy, immunization services for your family, as well as screening and treatment for sexually transmitted infections.

Our Staff at Hudson

  • Stacey Ackerman Bhalla, CNM, MPA
  • Mistee L. Formica, CNM, MSN
  • Michelle Kott, CNM, MSN
  • Susan Kresmeyer, CNM, MSN
  • Lisa Largent, WHNP
  • Sonja Miller, FNP, MSN
  • Norma Ramirez, CNM, MSN
  • Katherine Robinson, CNM, MSN