Meet our Office Cat


Cat looking sickly at intake

The Story of Our Office Cat Boog

Boog, also known as Booger has stolen the hearts of the staff here at GCACE. It is hard to believe she was once the fragile kitten pictured above! Boog came in as a stray and we suspect she had been hit by a car. Luckily, she had no signs of internal injuries and no fractures. She did have quite a few cuts and scrapes but nothing our wonderful Veterinary staff could not fix. With some TLC from a staff member who took her home each night, she grew stronger. There were some scary set backs along the way and it wasn't always easy but this girl was so resilient. 

We had become very attached to this little girl. It was easy to since she spent a majority of the day in the office being monitored. Staff starting looking forward to seeing her each morning and seeing her progress. The idea of an office kitty floated around. With a little bit of begging and a trial period, we had Boog in her first apprenticeship. 

Two cats cuddling

Boogs "First Job"

Boog's first job was to meet a very shy kitten named Inkblot or "Inky." Inky was about the same age but was so fearful of new people. She spent most of her time in her kennel hiding and potential adopters could never see her. It did not take long for these two to become two peas in a pod! Inky started to gain confidence and Boog passed her very first test of being an office cat. 

Cat with collar

Boog's Aspirations 

Boog wants to continue to help unsocialized kittens and help them feel welcome while they are here at the shelter. Boog has even started to help comfort some dogs! One of the more recent was a dog named Kelsa who was hit by a car. 

Boog has helped inspire our younger generation by sharing her story. She has taught the importance of what to do when you find an injured animal. If not for the quick thinking of this Good Samaritan, Boog may not have had the same positive outcome.

Boog wants to advocate the importance of fostering within our community! There are so many animals here at GCACE in need of a temporary home. To learn more about foster please visit Foster Application