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Frequently Asked Questions

What is GIS?

Where can I find Help for the GIS website?

Can I download GIS data / Parcel information?

What do I need to use the GIS website?

How can I tell what browser I am using?

Why do I need to allow Pop - Up Windows?

How do I enable pop ups in Google Chrome?

Can GPS or latitude/longitude information be obtained from the Gaston County GIS web site?

Can I send a link to a parcel?

How can I tell if Taxes are owed or what the Tax Bill is?

Where is the BMP (Book Map and Parcel)?

How do I print a property card? (Appraisal Cards, Tax Appraisal Sheets)

How do I print a deed / recorded plat / plat map / survey?

Why can I not link (a deed / plat) from the GIS website to the Register of Deeds website?

How do I identify the assigned School District for a property?

How do I change my Tax Bill Mailing Address?

Who do I talk to about a property address?

Who do I talk to about my Tax Appraisal Value?

Who do I talk to about Land Use?

Who do I talk to about Zoning?

What are the definitions to the Zoning Codes?

What is the UDO?

What are the setbacks in Gaston County?

Where do I find information on utilities (Electric, Gas, Water & Sewer)?

Who do I talk to about waterfront property access?

Can I print a map to scale?

How can I acquire a map printed to scale?

How do I print a map?

How do I print a map with tax information?

How do I resolve printing issues?

Who do I talk to about the house (structure) photograph?

Who do I talk to about the parcel map or owner information?

Why does this property map show less acreage than I actually own?

Why is Flood blank in the Parcel Details window?

What is a Voluntary Agricultural District?

Who do I talk to about the GIS website?