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GIS Website Tax/Ownership Records
The Gaston County Tax Department is currently implementing a new software system .  Due to the conversion from our old system to the new system, tax information displayed on the Website will be frozen as of the January 1, 2018.  Ownership changes will not be updated until the new system is fully
operational . 

We apologize for any inconvenience and we ask for your patience as we work to complete a smooth transition.  We will strive to restore the existing functionality to the site as soon as possible. 

Gaston County 911 Atlas
The Gaston County 911 Atlas was developed for the purpose of providing accurate field maps to assist public safety personnel in the proper and efficient execution of their duties and was prepared by the Planning & Development Services Department in cooperation with the Gaston County Police Department and Gaston County Emergency Management. The file is approximately 99M and may require a long time to download. The 911 Atlas is also available for purchase on CD at a cost of $25. Please call 704-866-3770 to order a copy.

RAIDS (Gaston County Police Community Crime Maps)
Weekly crime maps are posted in PDF format which display all burglaries and larcenies reported to the Gaston County Police Department. 

Custom Mapping & Analysis
Available in accordance with the Gaston County GIS Fee Schedule. Please contact us for more information.

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PDF Maps

     Bessemer City
     High Shoals
     Kings Mountain
     Mount Holly
     Spencer Mountain

Other Maps
     Census Tract Boundary with Election Precinct Districts Overlay
     Census Tracts
     Election Precincts
     Extra-Territorial Jurisdiction
     Election Precinct Districts with Township Boundary Overlay
     Health Department
     Fire Districts
     Municipal Areas
     Recycling Centers Map
     Streets and Roadways
     US Postal Service Areas
     Gaston County UDO Zoning
     Parks and Recreation Areas Map