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Sales Questionnaire Information

Why did I receive this questionnaire?
Our office is responsible for the valuation and assessment of all real estate properties in Gaston County and rely heavily on property transfers that occur each year.  Even though we receive sales information that is stated on each property deed that is recorded in the Gaston County Register of Deeds office, we want to make sure this information is accurate and also provide you as a property owner an opportunity to make us aware of any part of your recent property transaction that would deem it a non-valid market transaction.  It is very important that the sales information we use to determine our valuation models are accurate, and is the best source of information that helps our office make sure your property values are fair and equitable.

Does this questionnaire affect the value of my property?
No, this questionnaire does not affect the value of your property directly as a result of completing and returning to our office.  The sales information that we verify from this questionnaire is used to develop valuation models that will be used to value all properties in Gaston County during the next reappraisal.  The current value of your property was established by sales and other market information collected prior to the 2019 reappraisal, and will not change unless a physical change occurs such as an addition, remodeling, addition of new outbuildings, removal of improvements, or any other physical change in the property.

From the Tax Director:
We appreciate your participation in completing this questionnaire which will assist our appraisal staff in the next county wide reappraisal project.  This information you provide to us will be used to develop valuation models that will help us in valuing all properties in Gaston County accurately and fairly.  Again, we appreciate your time in completing this questionnaire and if you have any questions regarding this form or our use of this form, please contact our office at 704-862-6500 and ask to speak with one of our appraisal staff.

David Turbyfill
Interim Tax Director
Gaston County