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2019 Reappraisal

Now that the 30 day informal appeal process is coming to a close, anything appealed after April 23rd, 2019, will need to be appealed to the Gaston County Board of Equalization and Review.  We have attached the Board of E&R form for appealing the new 2019 reappraised values, and can be accessed by clicking the link "2019 BOARD OF EQUALIZATION AND REVIEW FORM". 

If a Power of Attorney form is needed to file an appeal, please access this form by clicking the link "POWER OF ATTORNEY FORM".

Helpful Tips on
Comparing Properties?
When reviewing values, there are many valid reasons why properties may have a different percentage increase or decrease when being compared to other properties.  Part of the purpose for doing reappraisals is to correct any issue that may have been unknown or incorrect from the previous reappraisal.  For example, many properties that were either remodeled or completely renovated during the last few years may appear to have a significantly higher percentage increase when compared to other properties.  While the level of increase or decrease may appear different, that increase includes the addition of market value as a result of being completely renovated/remodeled, and the change in market conditions from 2015 to 2019.  Other most common reasons for varying difference in percentage increase would be corrections to square footage, or additions and outbuildings that were not included in the last valuation.  Our recommendation is to review each property as compared to what full market value should be as of January 1, 2019 rather than as individual percentage increase or decrease.  To assist property owners with review of their property or other properties, we have provided several websites that can be used for this purpose and they can also be found under "Favorite Links".  Please remember, the most important fact when reviewing or appealing a property is,   it's not the question of percentage increase or decrease that is important or relevant, it's what is the full market value for each property in relation to January 1, 2019.
Wedge is a new Tax Office website that provides information specific to your property.  You can review information regarding your property by entering either the current owners name, the parcel identification number that is located on your Valuation Notice, or physical address.  The easiest method of reviewing information in this site is by entering the Parcel ID number that is stated on your 2019 Valuation Notice.
Community is a new Analytical program that provides information from other sources combined with property tax values to review information by geographic areas within Gaston County.  This site is especially useful for identifying comparible sales within your area.  You can review information specific to your property by visiting the "Property Search" area and entering either your property id (parcel number), address or current owners name.  As with Wedge, the easiest method would be to search by the Property Id (Parcel Number), that is stated on your 2019 Valuation Notice.
GIS/Mapping is the web site that has  been used most commonly in the past.  This site has been modified slightly due to the property data and characteristics converted from the old computer system to the new computer system.

The value stated on your 2019 valuation notice should represent what full market value would be for your property as of January 1, 2019.  After a review of your property, if you feel the value significantly exceeds or is significantly less than what actual market value should be for your property, you can file an appeal with our office.  Please provide the information you reviewed indicating the market value is different along with any other information that is relevant to market value as of January 1, 2019.  While we have provided several appeal options included within your valuation notice, we recommend the "Electronic Appeal Process" which was developed as a more convenient process for the property owner.  In addition to the Electronic Appeal Process, you can complete the attached Appeal Form and return to our office, or you can contact our office by calling 704-862-6500 to schedule an appointment to visit with one of our appraisers.  Regardless of which option you choose, the appeal process will be the same and all appeal decisions will be mailed after our staff has had an opportunity to thoroughly review each property along with all information submitted during the appeal process.  Due to the volume of appeals, please allow our staff sufficient time to complete this review before making a decision regarding your appeal.  Please note that the percentage of increase is not a valid reason for appealing the property, only the fact that the new value significantly exceeds or is significantly less than what full market value should be for your property as of January 1, 2019.

As we move through the reappraisal process, we will continue to update this page and provide additional information that we hope will be helpful to you as a property owner during the reappraisal process.  Our main objective is to provide information to assist property owners with making sure their value is fair and accurate.

Jimmy Tanner
Tax Director
Gaston County